[ III ] That vampire, big cities, small towns

Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at 22:29 (Thoughts)

First of all, sorry for not posting anything here, but I was quite busy and out of inspiration. I try to do better now, I promise 😉 Some time ago I stumbled upon this post and it made me think about my own experiences in living in small towns and big city.
When I was little, I was living in really small villages. I only remember something from second one, where my family moved when I was three. My parents worked in nearby school so most people I knew there were their fellow teachers, school workers and sometimes even students. It was high school, so everyone seemed so grown up. School, few block of flats, two shops and many fields. That was whole world for me here. Everyone knew me and my brother as “these teachers’ kids” and we also knew almost everyone. When I was eight (right after my first grade) we moved to nearby town, now about seven thousands of inhabitants. We were new here and my parents worked out of the town. Many kids knew each other from kindergarten or even before. Their parents also knew each other from school or work, so we were outsiders. Especially me, because I came to my school when I was in second grade. My brother had more luck and started school here (he’s year younger than me). What I think about living in such a small town? I appreciate peaceful and quiet atmosphere, nearby forests, fields and so on. But after all, there isn’t much to do here and for example, local bookstore has mostly just textbooks for school and stuff for young children. If I want to have any other kind of book, I must go to nearby cities or buy it via Internet. Also library here often don’t have book I m searching for.
For my university studies, I moved to Kraków, second largest city in Poland, about 750 000 inhabitants, so it’s quite a change. I felt in love with this city first time I saw it, especially Old Town. Historic streets, old buildings, amazing atmosphere. People are more open and tolerant for unique clothing styles, you can participate in many cultural events (concerts, festivals, theatrical plays, opera, up to date movies in cinema). you don’t have trouble to buy what you want – I found shop with occult/esoteric stuff or store with foreign food, mostly Asian or Mexican. In bookstore you can easily buy manga or English editions of various books. Or pencils – in my town I’m rarely finding others than HB ones, in Kraków I can find almost twenty different types (I’m using HB, B, 2B, 4B and 5B, all bought in stationery store there).
So, to sum it all up: I prefer big cities, especially those with old, historic districts. In my opinion, they’re more comfortable, convenient and give more possibilities and opportunities for interesting events. Maybe I’ll write more about my beloved city sometime later 😉


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[ II ] That vampire, travelling

Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 23:12 (Post A Day) ()

Topic # 1 – three countries I’d like to visit.

So, first of all – Japan, for its unique culture, tradition, amazing views. It all started with my love for anime & manga. That’s why I’m trying to learn Japanese, including these “weird symbols” of hiragana, katakana and kanji.
Second – Egypt – amazing history and pyramids. Sand under feet, small, crowded streets with people trying to sell many interesting things. For Egypt, I might even endure very warm climate I usually don’t like.
Third – USA. There are many places I’d like to see, just for that fact. New Orleans, whole Louisiana, San Francisco, LA and many other cities and things.

That’s three “most wanted” ones. Whole list of places I want to see is very long and I don’t intend to make you bored.

Sorry for short post, but today I was super busy with my moving out of Cracow for summer. I didn’t expect it to take that long, almost whole day.

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[ II ] That vampire, posting everyday

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 at 17:21 (Info) ()

So, here I am, signing up to a little challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com. Basically – I should post here something everyday or once a week. English is not my native language, so it will be a bit harder, but I’ll get not only to write more, but also to practice language. Sounds like fun 😉 Hello and welcome to all fellow bloggers who will get here by any chance through this tag 😉

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[ I ] That vampire, hello world

Sunday, July 3, 2011 at 16:05 (Info) (, )

Jak widać, odremontowałam bloga 😉 Pewnie jeszcze sporo się tu pozmienia w najbliższych dniach, więc radzę zaglądać.
Zaczęły się wakacje, ale pogoda jakoś tego nie okazuje – szaro i deszczowo. Powoli także organizuję sobie zebranie z Krakowa wszystkich gratów i zbieranie sił na wakacje/kolejny rok akademicki. A na razie: ではまた後で

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